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My name is Phil Evans, I have been making knives since 1995.  In 2006 I

attended the ABS school of bladesmithing.  I learned the basics of blade

forging from Mastersmith Jim Crowell. Since then I have been blessed with

the opportunity to learn from and study under several Mastersmiths who

have been extremely helpful and willing to share their knowledge with me.

I can't thank them enough.


I enjoy making hunters, skinners, bowie knives, and frontier/ period type

knives and sheaths.  I like to use premium woods and ancient ivory as well

as stag for my handle materials.  I forge my own blades and make

all of my own Damascus. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

I look forward to working  with you on your next knife or just

answer any questions you may have.

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